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The German-language Elektronisches Testarchiv is a novel web resource. It contains complete tests of test authors who have consented to make their instruments available for research on the web.

The Electronic Test Archive also includes descriptions of the test concept and test construction, studies on test reliability and test validity, testing conditions and scoring, test applications, and a critical evaluation of the research instrument like those found in PSYNDEX.

Test instruments are available in a PDF format which can be viewed with any browser, enabling a quick evaluation of the instrument's suitability for a desired research topic. In addition, the test can be downloaded in a Word for Windows format. Items, scales, or the entire instrument can be easily incorporated in a larger instrument or test battery.

Please note, that all material is under Creative Commons License CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 and copyright remains in the hands of the author.

By using «Elektronisches Testarchiv» you accept the terms and conditions (see German version of this page)

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